1966 Sears “Sporty Boots” Playboys

Showing their apres-ski roots, these Sears branded playboy chukkas with ‘Searofoam’ soles and ‘plush’ lining are almost certainly rebranded Bates Floaters. One can only imagine how hot feet must have got in these babies.

From page 252 of the 1966 Christmas Sears Catalog

Disclaimer: The boots featured in this post are from another time and era, long, long, ago. 1966 to be exact, so no, I don’t sell them, I don’t have them in your size, I will never get them, so please don’t ask – you will only be disappointed.

(You’d be amazed at the number of emails I get from people who think The Weejun is some kind of store that time forgot. I wish).


  1. The number 7s are a great looking boot – perhaps without the fluffy lining. Interesting soles – never heard of searofoam!

    So many great variations on the Playboy chukka out there, aren’t there?

    1. Crepe has always been more expensive than man made alternatives. It’s likely the ‘split suede’ was pigskin too to make them more profitable, but the look is great. That sharp edged heel quarter in leather is nice, and the trademark design of Bates Floaters…

  2. Hello. My neme is osamu kawamura. I’m writing the comment from Japan. I’m 60 years old. 40-year or more before Bates Floater was worn. Also now, they are favorice shoes. In penny loafer and floater of the great fashion weejuns, the IVY style had arrested even in japan heart,the young man. Floater is looked for from 2-3years before. If you can buy it in the usa, please let me know.
    Thank you for your consideration.

    1. Hello Kawamura-san,
      Best wishes from London and thanks for your comment. I know that Ivy style is big in Japan and always has been in one form or another. I love going to Tokyo for this reason. Regarding Bates Floaters, the company still exists but now makes only very low quality product. The Bates Floaters which were similar to the Huttons Playboys and the Sears boots in this article are long gone I’m afraid. Also Japan is the best place in the world to find the best products from international brands – all of them make their finest items for export to Japan. Some of us in Europe and the US buy from Japan and re-import our own brands, because the models they sell here are usually inferior quality or style!

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