Dirty Buck Playboys!

Yeah I know. First that title sounds like a 1960s stag movie, second it appeared I’d fallen off the map again. Apolgies for the latter but not the former. I’ve just had zero time to keep up the posting in recent months with travel and work. I will try to rectify that.

I know it’s another shoe post but it needs to be done. John Rushton called me this morning to let me know Sanders have finally got their first batch of dirty buck playboys ready to ship to him for delivery Friday 1st July, only 2 pairs per size in this batch. Like all the remaining classic English shoe factories Sanders are flat out at full capacity with their export models.

I still haven’t picked up my loden pair yet, being hot summer and all that, but I’m definitely down for a pair of the dirty buck. I think they’ll look great once they’re totally worn in and the crepe gets that nice fluffy edge….