Topless Bathing Suit. 1964.

(One for the Suitroom and his guide to Tumblr…)

1960s Deadstock Keith Highlander Longwing Brogues with V Cleats

I really need to start wearing these. The trouble is, compared to the comfort of suede and crepe soles, there’s a LOT of breaking in to do in a pair of vintage longwings!

Billingsbridge Duffle Coat / Convoy Coat. 1968.

The Paisley Popover once again. Football twins the McKeevers. 1959.

Harvard student wearing Bermudas in Bermuda. Circa 1960

Shetland Crew Neck Sweaters & Bermuda Shorts in Bermuda. Worn with correct knee length socks. I predict a return of those…

Fitzgerald’s Closet: SHOE HORN? YES I HAVE IT

Fitzgerald’s Closet: SHOE HORN? YES I HAVE IT


Sneakers are an institution. As the years roll on and on and on the design has rarely changed which centralises the classic line ‘If it ain’t broke don’t fix it’. In my eyes there are three big makers in which ultimately the Chuck Taylor Converse low top first springs to mind. The problem with…

Add to this selection the original Sperry CVO striper