Coming soon! Vintage New Old Stock Button Downs Exposed!

Sorry Norman, I Said 'Sero' NOT 'Psycho'

So much encouraging feedback on forums like Film Noir Buff and Ask Andy means I will certainly be keeping up the regular posts. With Mrs Weejun’s camera this weekend I will take some snaps of some of the NOS vintage OCBDs that I’ve been picking up from a secret US stash (fortunately my size – unfortunately limited in number), including Sero, Gant, The Natural and others.

Oh the joy of opening a new packet Sero ‘The Purist’ (in light green no less) with all those little paper tags and cellophane collar clips and REAL pins (not plastic clips).

My source had an older brother that couldn’t go past a shirt sale in the 60s without buying more than he needed. 40 years later out of the attic they come…

I should do one of those ‘unwrapping my new ipod box fresh’ style vids that tech geeks do on You Tube, but I fear it may incite the wrong crowd like this one for weejuns here

whoops, what have I got myself involved in?!

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