Here We Go Again,Weejun…

Can't You See I'm Getting Too Oooold For All This?
(In Best James Mason Voice:)  Can’t You See I’m Getting Too Oooold For All This?

As anyone who’s ever attempted to maintain a blog will testify, it’s tough. Time is the biggest enemy. Next comes ease of use – from the almost book length posts of traditional blogs many of us moved to the easy sound[word]bites of Tumblr an Facebook. Whilst they both have their virtues, it’s hard to maintain a focus on media that scrolls into obscurity every ten seconds.

Trad Blogging

So here I am back on the trad platform, but I’m going to try and incorporate some of the elements of ‘fast’ social media so that a) I can add content on the fly, whether on the train, or even watching TV – photos, YouTube movie clips etc and b) keep the content a bit fresher by poaching elements of other people’s content when it’s relevant and of course linking back to the source. After all, that’s all we all do on Facebook.

New Look/Old Style

The last post I was working on for The Weejun ended up being a bitter diatribe against the wholesale trashing of the Baracuta brand by WP the new owners. I got so fed up with the negative side of it all that I never got around to posting anything else on here. Finally, the site – which enjoys huge traffic by the way – got hacked by evil pharma spammers. I had to put it right, and in doing so, it occurred to me to go one step beyond and get this baby running again.

So, thanks for stopping by,

The Weejun.


  1. Have been periodically checking every once in a while to see when you would come back! Very very happy to see it finally happen, you’re one of my favorites.

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