Sidney Poitier Head to Toe in Lee Westerners

Sidney Poitier wearing Lee 101

An unusual and interesting movie from director Ralph Nelson and featuring Sidney wearing the all out Lee Westerners 101 sateen suit with rough out boots. A look that’s hard to pull off. I’ve yet to wear my Japanese reissue 101J with the matching pants. You need a perfect day and a Leith Surfer T in blue and white stripes to pull it off.

(Still image from The Woolster on FNB – thanks to George).


  1. Oh cheers fellas. I fixed some of the links that were not working. There’s at least another full shot of Sid wearing the whole Lee uniform. Some nice Catalina action in the film too.

    It’s good to see you back at it Weej. The new and improved blog looks great!

  2. I have the Japanese Lee Archives reissue of the jeans and the jacket, but try as I might, I can’t get out of the house wearing the ‘full Lee tuxudo’.

    1. Interesting George, thanks for posting the link. They look identical to the Japanese Edwin reissues. The Length ’32’ on the tear off waistband tag suggests they’re original as I think the Edwin ones only came in 36. Incredible condition if they are.

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