The Brooks Brothers Button Down by HTJ

Today’s post is simply a link to an exhaustive test made by Mr Heavy Tweed Jacket over on his eponymous blog on the current and (recent) past state of the standard for all Oxford Cloth Button Down shirts – those of Brooks Brothers.

He points out that even 20 years ago the collar material was much thinner, as were the cuffs allowing that paper like finish that one sees on vintage BDs that have been professionally laundered and starched. I think he’s right. My recent purchase of a blue uni stripe traditional fit has super heavy oxford cloth, but the collar is somewhat thick whereas a couple of 1970s Gant Hugger’s that I bought on ebay last year came in laundry bags with wafer thin, incredible bell like button down collars.

Click on the image to read the post at Heavy Tweed Jacket

(Thanks to Prof Kelp at FNB for alerting The Weejun to the HTJ post)

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