The Cakes and Ale Dress Shirt

Interesting advert showing the late 60s crossover between old world and new world use of Ivy…Great name too.

Wren’s of Fifth Avenue. Some background info here on the excellent Ivy League Style blog


  1. I got my first American button-down shirt in 1966 from a great local Ivy shop, Caboodle, in Leigh-on-Sea. They sold a range including Wren, Enro, Lion of Troy, Carlyle, but we all felt that the Wren shirts were the best. Austins and The Squire Shop didn’t sell them, but a small place called Roger Roger on the corner of Brewer and Wardour Street stocked them. Whilst this “Cake and Ale” shirt appears very synthetic, they generally had a fabulous soft collar roll. The role(!) model for many was Dr Rossi in Peyton Place he was always in a shirt and tie displaying a perfect “parabolic” (as we would say..) Ofcourse, we would go to the Kwintner and Simons’ Squire Shop for our Rodney Harrington G9 Windcheater but the shirt influence was Dr Rossi’s. I feel the finest button-downs now,are from Maine’s David Mercer (though I have still to try John Simons’ new shirts) Peter

  2. I’ve been wearing weejuns since high school ( graduated in 1960). I wear them every day. Still love them as much as when in college. I wish the leather heel would come back. Also would like for Bass to have a recondition shop, cannot get a cobbler to install the thin sole.


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