The Return of SERO of New Haven? Kind of.

Imagine my surprise today when I came across a link to an image for a new Sero ‘shambray’ (sic) shirt on Google.

A bit more digging around and with the help of Google’s translation service it appears that someone has resurrected the Sero name for Japan. It’s probable that the brand being out of copyright there, someone has registered the name and the shirts are imported only to Japan.

A reasonable copy of the original label

A close up of the label reveals a fairly good facsimile of the 1970s-80s Sero label with a Made in Canada tag. I wonder if that’s the Hathaway factory?

Be interesting to see one first hand

I do like the way the Meets Ichie website not only states the height of their models but also their weight!

According the site this man weighs 79kg...

Well I guess with the success of GANT digging through their archives it was only a matter of time before someone brought SERO back.

The website is Meets Ichie

Thanks to reader and commenter Coltrane for the link to this nice Sero popover from this summer. The listing says resized for the Japanese market.

One of the popover colours available last summer...


  1. These have been available o the rakuten website for a while,they were offering a popover version at one point too.

  2. Interesting popover – I would also have been after one of those. Have you bought from rakuten before? Usually the items I want on there are classic brands imported to Japan (but of course the correct style or colour, rather than the lame stuff the same brands foist on the West) and are really expensive. These Sero shirts however are keenly priced. May have to ask a friend from Japan to order for me next time she comes over.

  3. Yes ,I know. frustrating isnt it? All the authentic stuff, goes to japan, and were left with the crap. I just get freinds to bring back rakuten purchases direct. saves on post, and pat tax! Thanks for the props

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