The Weejun Takes Off!

Just a quick early morning post to say thanks to everyone who has visited this new blog in the couple of days since launch. The traffic and response has been amazing and of course leads me to be even more enthusiastic to maintain it and keep sharing the knowledge, stories and questions built up over 30 years of seeking, buying  and wearing Americana.

The Weejun

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  1. Cheers Jim!

    BTW, Johnny S. told me his son was doing The Knowledge as he was wary of taking over the store. Still would like to convince JS Sr of the vailidity of a move to a ‘destination’ address store plus a real online presence, but hey…
    Might pop in there today actually and have another friendly ‘go’ at him…

    The Weejun

  2. That’s great news. There should be a statue erected to him in Covent Garden with him looking up in that quizzical amused way of his – wearing a university stripe BD of course, with collar buttons undone…

  3. The Weejun has taken off to a great start.
    I’m looking forward with pleasure to further interesting musings andthoughts.

    Chris H

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