Welcome to the Weejun

Welcome The Weejun. Long overdue and many months in gestation, The Weejun will be my attempt to make sense of my last thirty years or so obsession with Americana, driven by movies, music and of course classic clothing.

That isn’t to say there haven’t been (or still are) touches of European influence along the way (Weston Chasses, Persol 714s etc).

I’m also going to pull up some nice bits I come across on ebay, not just so you can buy them (if you get there in time), but also as an ongoing record of those classic elements of Americana style.

Music and movies will make their appearance too, along with reminiscences of earlier days when if you saw someone on the streets of London wearing a pair of Weejuns, or carrying a Chico Hamilton Quintet LP you just had to stop and say hello…

Comments and stories welcome!

The Weejun

February 2009

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