What’s The Weejun Buying on Ebay? Brooks Brothers!

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Brooks Brothers Chambray w/ Patch Pockets
Brooks Brothers Chambray w/ Patch Pockets

What’s The Weejun buying on Ebay. Probably of minor interest to anyone but me but it inspires Mrs Weejun’s daily patrol of the Royal Mail to see what new ‘Weejun Wear’ junk I’ve been spending the hard earned on.

Well before I commit some heresy and say that I’m planning a post about how Uniqlo this year is better than Brooks Brothers (at least the rubbish they are selling in London, Hong Kong and Beijing – I know, the Weejun is a real city name dropper).

But back in the day Brooks was Brooks. At 16 I bought a much treasured copy of the soundtrack to Peter Gunn with a David Stone Martin-style drawing of Gunn on the back cover and in the liner notes something about Gunn being modern and wearing ‘gray flannel from Brooks Brothers’. That was all the clue I needed as to where to find ‘movie clothes’. Not easy in London in 1982 though.

Anyway back to present day and despite being depressed by Brooks’ London store I still trawl the ‘Bay for choice items.

Picked up both of these over night with the old sniper. The ‘cord stripe’ (what is that called, that isn’t seersucker but fine woven ridges?) jacket came in at a whopping £3.74, the beautiful chambray patch pockets piece at £21.00.

Brooks Brothers Vintage Ivy
Brooks Brothers Vintage Ivy
Brooks Brothers Vintage Ivy Stripe
Brooks Brothers Vintage Ivy Stripe

I love it when sellers hang the jackets and do up the top button on a 3/2 roll! Gives me confidence they know not what they sell.

However, I’ve bought enough pieces on Ebay to know how seller’s stretch the truth (or at least their tape measures) in their descriptions so I will only get excited when they arrive and actually fit and don’t smell of dead Southern lawyers.

I will of course report on them when they arrive. If they don’t fit I shall be offering them up for resale.

Just for Mr Decline & Fall here’s a scan of the front cover of that Peter Gunn LP, originally on RCA Victor if I recall.

Peter Gunn Original Soundtrack Front Cover
Peter Gunn Original Soundtrack Front Cover


  1. Make mine a 99 flake, please Mr Ice Cream Van Driver.

    I know, I know I’m commenting on my own blog.

  2. ‘Andsome stuff, Mr. Weejun – I think Oscar wears a very fine ‘Cord Stripe’ in the original Odd Couple film over his Grey T. Looks like a pale Chambray from a distance, but isn’t. Brooks just called it ‘Cord’ back in the day. A suit in it was $215 in ’88, Blue/White or Grey/White.
    Best –

  3. You’re absolutley right Russell. A movie with many looks to aspire to, both sharp and sloppy.

    Oscar also wore army chinos with tennis shoes in that ensemble. I remember recreating that very look with a second hand seersucker from FLIP in the early 90s. So many FLIP pieces were bought and then only had their day much later.

  4. Flip was always too big for me (I am a small face 😉 ), but I did get some old London Fog Macs from there… Mainly I’d go in on a Saturday after visiting Ray’s to study cut, cloth and style.

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