White Levi’s by The Majorettes – 1963

Here’s some light hearted fun to blow away the January blues. A 45 from 1963 used to promote the new ‘White Levi’s”, so-called because they weren’t blue and had a white tag. Some reissues are out this month from LVC, but meanwhile here’s the single on YouTube.

“White Levi’s, Tennis Shoes, Surfin’ Hat and Big Plaid Pendleton Shirt”.

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  1. Great stuff!
    Actually bought some of the LVC repro’s and they arrived yesterday – jolly nice they are too. Got them from Triad at half the LVC store price.
    Will now not be able to wear them without humming the tune, blast you!
    One thing, what’s a ‘surfin hat’ and do they all come covered in seaweed?

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