A Man You Can Lean On, That’s Klopman (1966)

McGregor Klopman Fabric Clarks Desert Boots Vintage 1960s Advertisement

Been a bit tardy with post recently due to other commitments, but fear not I’ve been clipping ads of interest behind the scenes and will be posting some of them over the next week or so.

As well as the odd more in depth piece, sometimes it’s nice just to look at stuff, right? Pick up that inspiration and go to your own wardrobe and mix things up a bit.

In the 1950s and 60s there was a huge amount of advertising by chemical companies promoting their latest miracle fabrics, usually some kind semi-accidental by-product of the oil refining process.

This is one aspect of Ivy Leagues style that we all prefer to forget these days, the Dacrons, and Poly Cottons that even the venerable institutions like Brooks Brothers proudly trotted out for the delight and ease of use of their customers. The only difference is that in those days they didn’t apply technology to everything whereas now BB seem hell bent on removing all traces of natural cotton in favour of cemented plastic coated non-iron shirts.

All that aside, it did produce some great ads and this one for McGregor sportwear with Klopman fabric is no exception. This is a great look, a Maine Guide Field Parka with gray slacks and (presumably) Clarks Desert Boots well worn at that. There is also a slight resemblance to the infamous Herb Lester. Could it be him?


  1. Great ad, great post. I would most certainly prefer a poly cotton mix over contemporary “non iron”. Oh well.

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