The Dickies Slacks Rally 1966

It’s tempting to think that brands like Dickies were always sold as utilitarian workwear until the post punk ironic look took those poor unsuspecting workaday brands (Dr Martens?) and turned them into ironic fashion’s icons.

But this 1966 advert shows that even back then the Texas based Dickies brand was busting out of its workwear image. This will probably upset many beardy workwear types who believe in the false sanctity of their beloved heritage brands but companies have always looked to sell outside of their origins, especially into any kind of emerging younger market. (I know these guys look like old men, but that’s what twenty-somethings looked like in ’66).

1960s Levis jeans, in denim, but with man-made fibres anyone? LVC won’t tell you about it but it happened.

Ivy on Campus: Part 3

Just some more random images from the boom years to give your inspiration…

North Carolina 1966 - Making the Campus Seem ''Even More Fun'

Japanese Ivy - The Honda variety that is...

Pre-Feminist Breakfast North Carolina 1966

Shetland & Chinos, Sweater and Kilt - Classic Campus Look 1965