Every time you order some mail order shirts from the wonderful Mercer & Sons in Yarmouth, Maine they send your goods wrapped up in an off-cut of one of their fabrics along with a delightful sprinkling of some of their dinky little swatches. There’ll always be a hand-written note thrown in. The effect is to make one feel like part of the Mercer family, a believer in their cause. Mercer carry the torch for the authentic American button-down with the long, full-roll, unfused collar, a six-button placket, and the full traditional ‘gentleman’s’ cut. Their other collar style, a simple and very American plain collar (called a tennis point collar by some) is neat in a very JFK kind of way. Invariably you wait a while for your order to be fulfilled but it’s a wait loaded with life-affirming expectation. This year, if you want a new shirt, buy the best, buy MERCER!   www.mercerandsons.com

I really need to stop thinking/talking about it and order some, albeit with the slimmer body cut. I have Graham Marsh’s check version etched on my brain.


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