‘The Sartorialist’ offers less and less to me these days. In his first couple of years he showed he had a good eye for men’s classic clothes, with a genuine empathy for the natural shoulder, particularly as interpreted by Italian designers and tailors. But fame and wealth seem to have modified his tastes towards women’s fashion and a more mainstream aesthetic. Yet now and again a visit still repays one’s diminished faith. This chap, shot in Milan, has got something of the Italian style I always enjoy on men when I find myself in the ‘Bel Paese’, as I try to be as often as possible. It’s a sloppy lived-in kind of elegance rooted in standard issue menswear basics and always in that unfailing navy-olive-khaki-grey colour palette. Oh, and Clarks desert boots, always. 

Great Look, Gibson! We’re on the same page here.


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