Despite being down on the Gant Yale Coop reissues last year (cheap cloth, logo locker loops and decidedly non-original cut) I did have my eye on this version for some time. Like all the modern makers these garments are often designed by committee and made in various outsourced factories around the world. This sometimes throws up something that comes out a little better quality than it’s brothers.

This seems to be the case with the Bennington Twill Flap Pocket Button Down. Not only is the cloth a decent weight, (giving the unlined collar a great roll) but the flap pocket models often seem better designed than the regular pocket models. I wonder why? There admittedly too many buttons on the front (who on earth needs a button two inches from the end of the shirt tails?) but the plaid makes a good job of obscuring the needless GANT logo on the loop.

Having owned a number of 1970s slim Gant Foxplaid BDs with pockets and horn effect buttons from the Palm Beach Company era ownership, it’s a pretty good likeness and unlike those 70s models, 100% cotton.

The only problem is, if you’re reading this and fancy picking one up, they’ve all gone. I don’t the the US market had the chocolate plaid with pocket flap version either. Ebay is probably the answer if you’re lucky.


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