Christmas Classics. Two Last Minute Finds for 2011. Walk-Over Saddle Oxfords + Bass Sportocasins

Last minute finds – both shoes I’ve been searching for regularly for some time. The elusive Walk-Over saddle oxford – the original, not the coco the clown modern version – and the 1980s Bass Sportocasin reissue – slightly beefier than my 60s originals. Both decently priced considering their rarity in any size these days.

Kentucky Walkers! Not normally a fan of black shoes, but I like these in grain for winter
The blocking logo means they're the 1980s reissue that John Simons used to sell.

These are the sellers’ images. There’s no carpet like that chez Weejun! A Trad’s home in NC, I think…

Classic Short fronted Saddle Oxford from Walk-Over, circa 1970s/80s
Side view of the Walk-Overs
1947 Advert shows the original Sportocasins' Golfing origins


  1. Christmas Classics indeed – well done! The Sportocasins in black grain work really well. I’m with you on the carpet ‘though (ooh er missus..) post modernist irony? Mind you that could just be “Ivy” in that pattern, but I’m guessing, an Eames-free zone generally……

  2. Nice one, I particulary like the Sportocasins. Charity shopping on Christmas Eve, I picked a nice 60’s Arrow BD, £2 and an indifferent Gitman Vintage, £6.50 (it will do for work) and on the big day, I got Hollywood and Ivy League Look as a present.

    1. Arrow used to make some nice shirts. I bought some reissue models at Century 21 in about 1998 that were models from their archives and exact replicas (unlike many of the hideous ‘from our archives and updated for a modern [beardy workwear Urban Outfitters) fit’ purveyed by the likes of LL Bean Signature). I remember a particularly good open weave hopsock SS BD with flap pocket that was perfect for Rio when I lived there. Some nice Cum Laude models as well when you can find them in all cotton.

      On the Sportos front, from the few I’ve had, the 80s models are a little chunkier which is good. My 60s originals always felt a little too slim heeled.

  3. The saddle oxfords arrived today via a jaunt to LA (seller only sold to US buyers). Joy of joy they actually fit, an E fitting on a classic era 70s/80s Walk Over saddles being near impossible to find especially in a specific size. A little clean up of the suede, saddle soap on the saddles, cedar wood trees and possibly a fresh pair of laces and they’ll stand me for a good few years.

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