Complete College Wardrobe Montgomery Ward 1962

Looking back from 2012, this stuff looks great doesn’t it? But let’s not forget that history is constantly rewriting itself (and often written by those who don’t really know) and laid down for future generations as gospel. (God help those reading some of FNB in 20 years’ time!).

In reality, if you were heading off to Princeton or Yale in 1962 and your fellow collegiates found out that your Ma and Pa Clampett had purchased your entire special offer Montgomery Ward College Wardrobe from a (gasp) mail order catalogue then I think you’d have a tough time of it. The lens of history shows us a bunch of cool clothes, especially when we know how hard it to find originals or modern versions of such items, but we cannot discount the contemporary snobbery that this ‘wardrobe’ would have unleashed. No doubt it was purchase and worn with pride by many a freshman at some obscure veterinary school in Dakota?

The staples are all there though, aren’t they?


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