Found on Ebay – Deadstock Grey Ivy Suit NWT!

Deadstock early 60s Donegal style tweed Ivy League suit with original tags!

I found this extraordinary suit on ebay UK recently from a fellow Ivy fan in Norfolk. I didn’t think the trousers would fit me, but I thought it was worth bidding for the jacket alone as it could be the long sought after template for other jackets to be made to measure.

I put a really high bid in and at the last minute it sold for a serious sum, a lot for ebay, but little when you compare how much a new ‘vintage-style’ jacket would cost in the UK, let alone a suit, or a deadstock suit with all it’s tags!

The suit arrived quickly but it was also pretty obvious to me that the jacket was too small, even in a currently trendy Thom Browne style. The middle button being too high to look as if I had had it made that size. More 1980s Alexei Sayle than cool Ivy dude.

For some reason although the seller did give all the right measurements he didn’t mention that the sales ticket label clearly says its a 39 32W. I take this to mean the jacket is a 39 and trousers 32. Seems straightforward enough and I probably wouldn’t have bid on it labelled a 39 but that label wasn’t shown in any of the images.

Anyway, regardless of the sad fact that it’s too small for me, it really is a miraculous find.

An Ivy Style suit with all the right details:

3 button with slight roll to the first button
narrow lapels
2 button cuffs
lapped seams / raised seams
hook vent
high waist trousers tapered to bottom

Anyway now that it’s been featured on The Weejun, it’s time to go back into the great sea of ebay vintage to find a new home on someone who’s the right size.

I’ll add the ebay link when it’s listed. Just looking for what I paid for it back!

Here’s the link to ebay listing

Click on the images below for to expand them

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