Gant Yale Eats Itself.

Every season for the past few years the Gant Yale brand has produced the odd nice shirt in a good fabric and with the lamentable logo on the locker loop at least self coloured or obscure.

Today I popped into the Regent St store to see in person what some of the fabrics are like in this season’s range.

I’d seen on the US site that they’d introduced something called the “fitted” fit. Whatever that means. Well it means that Gant UK have stopped selling the regular fit Yale shirts and replaced the entire range with its bastard offspring. These shirts feature a locker loop but no box pleat. Two little knife pleats instead.

We all know that knife pleats were the precursors to the box pleat on the OCBD but that was decades before the Yale Co-op shirts the sub brand is supposed to be emulating. So the neck tags still read ‘Archive’ but it’s yet another iteration of made up history by a brand that should know better.



    1. When I was in NY over Christmas the manager of the Greenwich Village Rugger store told me that the Yale shirts were being phased out completely. Shame as some of them were really good. Sadly the DE Gant site won’t ship outside of Germany.

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