Here’s One You Can Buy: Brooks Brothers Jersey Popover BD (Happy Update)

Unlike the Gant Yale Co-op post, this one has a positive update!

Met with The Ivy Smugglers this morning deep into enemy beardy workwear territory in Shoreditch (think Williamsburg if you’re over the other side) to pick up three of the five of these shirts I ordered a few weeks back. So, it’s true, Brooks Brothers (at least in the USA) still does have some nice stuff. And, beleive me, I’m realluy glad to report that. No one relishes the demise of these venerable institutions.

In fact, my contact was also wearing one. These are pretty slim fitting too, great for those who remain youthful of figure. Nice colours, good quality jersey and proper button cuffs. Pick some up before they go forever.

I don’t know about you but I hate all those fashion blogs that post the same images of “HipsterBeardyWorkwear X Redundant Old Brand” where you can never actually buy the items even if you wanted to, limited as they often are to some tiny boutique in Tokyo or Shoreditch.

However, with the recent Gant posts and BTS interest in the LL Bean classic cord jackets, I thought why not do some regular posts called ‘Here’s One You Can Buy’ to go alongside all the vintage pieces and adverts of clothes we’ll never again? (Classic & Sportscar always used to do those to go alongside reviews of rare machines).

So the first one is courtesy of Mr Shoreditch himself (only joking), Herb Lester.

Now, Herb and I have had many recent discussions about just how bad Brooks Brothers has become in recent years. From the appalling Mumsiness of the M&S years to the ASOS generation fashion victim current products, where does one begin. Herb is a staunch defender of the BB faith and even looks great in non-iron (although beads of sweat do gather on his brow from the insulation effect).

However, I will be the first to admit that like any brand, when they do it right, it’s great.

With that argument in mind, this morning Herb send me a link to the long sleeve jersey button down popover pictured above, a copy of which Mrs Lester had just brought back from the US for him. Now, Mr Lester is a man of refined taste and I’ve not known him to be wrong on such matters. My first question was “great, but is it eight feet wide?’. The answer, happily, is no, it’s a slim fit shirt.

Available in a range of colours and currently discounted to a mere USD$39.95 a piece, Herb and I ordered some more this morning via the Ivy trafficking routes. I thought I’d get a spare dark blue one to turn into a S/S model for the summer too.

Anyway, Ivy fans. Here’s One That You CAN Buy

Link here


  1. Great find. When I first saw this post I presumed it was a Thom “shrunken and extortionate” Browne Black Fleece number, glad it’s not. Looks very nice. Brooks also surprised me last year with their Madras shirts that were both well cut and affordable.

  2. Very nice! And a good idea to boot! Couldn’t agree me more with your opening statement re: the dreaded beardy “hipster”. Described recently on someone’s blog as a tribe of effete Grizzly Adams-a-likes.

    1. Many Grizzlys in evidence in Soho today, Mark. Herb Lester and I were keeping up an Ivy front though.

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