Ivy Bucks. They Weren’t Always Red Brick Soles…

“The Shoe With the Open Collar Feeling”

Here’s an interesting ad from circa 1960 by the Brown Shoe Company of St Louis for their Roblee Ivy Bucks. Interestingly these are sporting the gray brown micro sole that became ubiquitous in use by english shoemakers in the late 60s until the 80s when it they started to really use a lot more Dainite and Vibram pre-moulded units.

Personally I prefer the red soles anyday.

Interesting footnote is that the Brown Shoe Company are the people who bought the name and history of the much lamented Walk-Over shoes and are now producing dirty bucks and saddle oxfords under that brand. Unfortunately, they are designed on a last they must have bought from Barnum & Bailey’s clown division…

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