JSA Goes From Strength to Strength

John Simons Apparel Store, Chiltern St in yesterday's snow

Yesterday I was in town in the morning with some time to kill so I thought I’d drop in and see how John Simon’s new store at Chiltern St was doing.

This was only my third visit since he’s opened a couple of weeks ago and the shop is getting ever more stock and slowly taking on an appearance of an aladdin’s cave similar to the store in Russell St.

The new shop is much better though, having several rooms with different stock in and feeling like an ivy labyrinth.

Some really nice blazers had just arrived from DNA in Italy one of them meant for my friend Fred in LA.

The New John Simons Blazer Made In Italy
When Was The Last Time You Saw a Hooked Vent on a NEW design?

John knew we were the same size so asked me to try the 40 on. If it wasn’t already sold I’d have taken it myself but put down an order for one from the next consigment.

A box of very nice JSA branded plaid button downs, one a popover, also arrived in the same shipment. The material was soft and thick flannel like and I much preferred them to the dress shirts the store opened with.

John Simons Plaid Button Down With Flap Pocket
John Simons Plaid Button Down Popover

The shop seemed busy with people popping in every few minutes and I hope that the feeding frenzy when new products arrived continues. It’s really good to see John in his element again and to have a focal point for those of us who love and understand classic American style clothes.

You can read Herb Lester’s review of John Simons Apparel here and follow JSA on Facebook here


  1. Thanks Frenchie.
    There are some details I think the guys want to iron out, but already this second batch of shirts are improving on the first. That blazer had a vintage slightly too short feel which I really liked. Although the 3/2 roll looks a little off in the photos, the jacket looks stunning on.
    Other JSA branded stuff is also really nice, like the navy duffel coat.

  2. Lovely photo of the shop front with the snow. So great to have JS back in business – and thrilled that the shop is doing so well!

  3. Bought the blazer just before xmas they are wonderful shortish but not to boxy fantastic material so nice my wife even paid for it as a present so win win for me Tony Pee

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