Some Guys Are Just Born Slobs…H.I.S 1966

Classic H.I.S advert and incredibly from 1966. This could be a modern ad for the art of dressing UP. not DOWN. However, back in 66 this was the adman’s idea of a real slob. As an aside, the Jack Purcell sneakers were a B.F. Goodrich product back then, a rival to Converse before they took it over and then got eaten by Nike.

That shirt is pretty cool too. There’s so much talk on forums about slim fit items being a modern Urban Outfitters type style, but the reality is that 1960s trousers and shirts were pretty skinny to say the least. And in the US even the businessmen wore their trousers cut at ankle height.

Anyway, I should be such a slob in 2011.

Contemporary isn’t the word.


  1. WOW! I too thought that was a contemporary ad, untill I got to the h.i.s logo and the mention of dacron. nice find

  2. Of course, Nike-Converse have now ruined the JP sneakers. The present shoe is an abomination. I have treat my Made In USA Converse JPs as an heirloom, only be to worn on special occasions.

  3. Fascinating that to style a model as a slob in 1966 you just needed mussed up hair and a bit of stubble. And ironic that it is these slobbish additions which make him look completely 2011. Amazing to me how an aesthetic can shift over generations.

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