The 3/2 Roll Patch Pocket Ivy League Blazer

Not much to say about these really, except that you can be sure there’s plenty of Dacron in the mix being from Sears in 1964. And I’m not sure about the collarless example in the centre. Pendleton made a similar casual jacket in various plaids in the 60s.

Once upon a time FLIP in Long Acre sold these by the bushel load for £12.99, arranged on racks of grouped colour, the navy, camel, red, dark greens. Of course there were always some dodgy two button wide lapel darted nylon numbers, the chaff amongst the wheat, but if you looked hard enough you could find one in most sizes. I had a couple of them until they wore to pieces. All the right details, patch and flap pockets, swelled seams, hook vent, the 3/2 roll that moronic dry cleaner would try to iron out into a mod 3 button look, two buttons on the cuff and often a lining of shocking design or colour to contrast the traditional outer shell.

Worn in movies by George Peppard in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, George Hamilton in Crime and Punishment USA and James Franciscus in Youngblood Hawke

These days it’s hard to find a good one that fits due them being mostly sourced online, but the modern equivalent may just be the J Keydge jacket as purveyed by John Simons Apparel. A post coming soon under ‘One You Can Buy’…

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