The Bass Weejun Sportocasin

Along with the iconic Weejuns, the Bass Sportocasin was always a cult shoe. I remember seeing my first pair in John Simon store in around 1986, when Bass were reissuing a lot of their old designs. They were also a bit more expensive than the Weejun and back then I couldn’t quite stretch to a pair.

Early last year I found a pair on Ebay in excellent condition but when they arrived they really were way too small to wear. I ended up trading them with 1966 over on FNB for a pair of Eaton Clubman Playboys.

Almost the same day someone called Riley Dee (where are you Riley?) contacted me from Oklahoma City and offered me a pair on extremely generous terms. I jumped and whilst not as mint as the previous pair, they fit perfectly and were the originals from the late 50s or early 60s.

Original 1950s Bass Sportocasins in Scotch Grain

Patina antiqued from age

The thing is once they arrived I got them out many times to wear them but always ended up putting them back. They seemed too small and dainty looking amongst the Florsheim Imperials and Playboys. Funny enough 1966 recently posted that he thought the same thing. Anyway, I thought maybe digging them out and cleaning them up for a photo might make me start wearing them properly. Weather permitting of course.

Nice Dark Brown Grain Bass Sportocasin Seen Recently on Ebay

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  1. I have a black pair of Sportocasins. Bought them with high school graduation money (1968). Graduated from high school in them, from college in them (1972), got my M.A. in them (1976). Hope to get married in them.

  2. Had these in brown and black while in college…1965-69. I called Bass to see if they had any or if they were still made. Sadly, no. I keep looking for a usable pair, 11 D, on Ebay . Maybe I’ll get lucky!

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