Vintage Driving Shoe Moccs -1964 Town Magazine

For those who think driving shoes are some Italian invention from post Tod’s 1985 creation check out these fantastic shoes featured in Town magazine in 1964.

Another great scan and tip courtesy of that Herb Lester


    1. Thanks Mark, that’s interesting. To be honest I thought Car Shoe was just a marketing name in the classic Italian manner and no older than the 1990s. However, I’m sure that someone did ‘invent’ the method of running a leather upper over a rubber studded sole. Interesting though that the patent claimed in 1963 has presumably not been upheld as there are literally hundreds of makers using similar techniques from Spain to India and back. They do look like the shoes in the ad as well don’t they?
      I remember seeing them in Rome some years ago (before Prada bought them) but all the models I saw were more like camp mocc boat shoe chukka styles.
      I see from their website that they also sell a cordovan version. Great if you live in a dry country!

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