What’s The Weejun Buying on Ebay? Maple Sportswear Windcheater!

Fierce Bidding on Ebay for this New Old Stock Maple Sportswear Co Windcheater
Fierce Bidding on Ebay for this 1960s New Old Stock Maple Sportswear Co Windcheater

The Weejun has been on a bit of a shoe spree recently on Ebay, but searching through tons of listings last weekend I found this little gem. It languished at $9.99 until yesterday when it ended whilst I asleep.
I think I had competition from someone in Korea so I had a feeling it might go fairly high.

Strangely, when I woke up I knew exactly how much I’d had to pay to snaffle it, even before I turned on my MacBook. The Susquehannock Camps are apparently a 100 year old institution in Pennsylvania for kids summmer camps. Of course 40 years on and in England, no one is going to know what it is or what that means which is all the better. The jacket itself is new old stock with tags and made by the great Maple Sportswear Company, who made loads of baseball and hockey uniforms as well as coach and varsity jackets.

I found another Maple jacket on Japanese Yahoo listings and as you can see from the photo below, the cut is identical, despite the material being corduroy in this case.

This Jacket Found on Yahoo Japan Shows Identical Cut in Corduroy
This Jacket Found on Yahoo Japan Shows Identical Cut in Corduroy

There’s just something about the cut of this jacket that really appealed to me – the deep elastic on the cuffs and stitch seamed pockets are all classic, and I like the fact that the logo is discrete for one of this style, and there’s nothing written on the back. Great for British summers where it often rains, worn with old chinos, off white Supergas and a sweatshirt.

Great Tag Featuring Icnonic Sports Logos
Great Tag Featuring Icnonic Sports Logos
Susquehannock Camps Logo on Left Chest
Susquehannock Camps Logo on Left Chest


  1. I’ve got a Fred Perry jacket that is more like this than their traditional windbreaker style. However, it has nothing on yours. Beautiful colours!

  2. weejun- quite a rich slice of americana,some years ago LL Bean offered a “baseball jacket” similar to the 1st one
    the latter (green cord) looks like what local hockey teams wore in the 70s-(never grasped the concept- hockey or the ’70s ,come to think of it) and if in wool (high school) varsity jackets.Looking forward to pic of brown tassel weejuns- yes a 2nd fav for me as well ,i wore vintage (US made probably anique brown- to gig at the athletic Club last night

    which were quite pricey even then.

  3. Thanks D&F – I also had a nice Fred Perry one in the late 70s when I was at school. It was in the school Lost Property box no one claimed it for weeks, so in the end I had to take it! It was navy with blue and white elastic. I’ve always had a soft spot for the style but couldn’t resist this one – as you say the colours are amazing. Like a Japanese reissue!

    Max, I remember that LL Bean jacket very clearly, it was really similar to the green cord one. I’ve got some really nice pieces winging their way across the atlantic this week. Now I have to start selling some of the ‘mistakes’!

  4. my –typo- mistake the varsity jackets were quite pricey even -then -relatively speaking the weejuns were not.(.that pricey)-.
    .- mrs 3 button bought me the aforementioned Bean baseball jacket,for what ever reason I never wore it and it died in a flooded basement or something… I dont know when Bass discontinued their tassel loafer(priorto kiltie weirdness) late 80s early 90;s??
    LL Bean had a similar offering in the early 90s and before but origin appeared to be Sebago..

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