Barrie Mulehide Chukka Boot. 1966


prep retail therapy ~

brooks brothers men’s department.

Plastic coated and glued seams, every one. Very sad.

If a Man Has Just One Jacket in his Life, It Has to Be Today’s Drizzler. McGregor 1966

Beautiful Navy Harris Tweed Ivy Jacket from Van Jacket.

Please Squeeze The Merchandise. Van Huesen polo shirts. 1966.

So who says a Sportcrafter is only a golf jacket?

Poster for What’s So Bad About Feeling Good. George Peppard & Mary Tyler Moore.

Nice monk straps, and proper trouser length, George.

1977 Men’s Club Ivy Edition. Ivy Brands Catalogue.

Mmm. TR2 vs Speedster. Know which one I’d rather have. One twin is definitely subserviant to the other.