Just picked up another Derby of San Francisco windcheater. To be honest I prefer the detailing of the early Catalina jackets but they were made so short as to be unwearable by modern man. The Derbys are pretty nice though. I have a 1960s golden tan cord one with padded interior.

This one dates from the 80s- no golden paisley lining but it has the Catalina La Paz style reverse pocket openings a la Baracuta and has a Made in USA 80s era tag. It also appears to be a nice medium tan – older ones are often oyster or the unwearable UPS brown colour.

Perfect with highwater Levis 67 505s, weejuns or Clarks desert boots.

Florsheim. The Performance Shoe. Handsewn Loafer. 1966.

Sometimes it’s good to have a real reason to wear some utility clothing.
10” LL Bean Maine Hunting Shoes.

Florida Southern University by Frank Lloyd Wright. 1949.

Just came back from a walk in the snow. Found this and bought it in 5 seconds flat. I love Brooksflannel, especially with a flap pocket.

Skiing in Lee Jeans. 1961

Freaky. This post was queued days ago and then as it published it snowed hard.

Publicity still for The Man In The Gray Flannel Suit. 1954.

Mission:Impossible – finding Shetland sweaters with saddle shoulders in this colour, on the side of the world where the things are actually made!

O’Connells and Japanese stores have them, but not here! The hoi polloi find shetland wool ‘too scratchy’ and prefer cheap farmed cashmere.