A Few Deadstock Shirts Just Arrived: Brooks Unlined Collar, Southwick Popover, Lion of Troy Raglan Popover

A few shirt arrivals in the last few days (like I needed any more shirts, but you know how it is!):

A vintage Lion of Troy popover raglan sleeve number, identical in every way to one that guest poster The Woolster found last year. Unfortunately, this one is too big for me even if I attempted to shrink it. Great shirt though, from the boom years of Ivy. Exactly the kind of shirt to be seen on Hollywood actors in the Hollywood and The Ivy Look book. Nearly 50 years languishing in a back room of a men’s store in Washington State!

Next up, a NOS Brooks Brothers classic blue OCBD with unlined collar and cuffs. It’s truly amazing that these are still knocking around from the 1990s at the South Carolina factory. This one has a tiny sewing defect on the cuff that a couple of stitches will remedy, but nothing to detract from these wonderful shirts. The modern US made Brooks still do feel bulletproof, but the collars are hot with a tie, and simply not so casually smart as the unlined version.

Then another oddity – a Southwick for Ships OCBD short sleeve popover made in the US factory for Japan of course. Ships and Beams being a top retailer of modern classics. This shirt features the slightly longer vintage Brooks style placket with four buttons. A lined collar but still a nice shirt and being Japanese proportions its equivalent to a modern BB slim fit. Hard to find any info on these online, aside from the few listings on Rakuten. Definitely Japan only.

Also on its way from Newton St is a nice Brooksgate OCBD in white. I don’t have too many white shirts but sometimes a crisp white with a nice collar roll is called for, and what better than Brooks Brothers’ original slim fit line from the 70s? Measurements are again similar to a modern Slim Fit.


  1. Hi Tom,some great finds there. Are you going to move the Lion of Troy hopsack on? If so what size is it?

    Kind regards

    1. Jon, it’s marked 16/16.5 and it’s pretty big for a vintage item. I sent a FB message with measurements.

  2. How in God’s name do you do it Mr Weejun? Amazing finds you jammy sod. Your admiringly – JP Gaul

    1. Aaww, shucks, JG. It’s just the result of too much time spent online when I should be working.

  3. This is such an old post but by any chance are you selling the NOS Brooks Brothers classic blue OCBD with unlined collar and cuffs? If so what size? Thanks… Molly

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