J. Press Shaggy Dog Sports Coats & Corduroy Suits to Die For…

I don’t usually post other people’s material, but I have to make an exception here. The mercurially ‘now you see it/now you don’t’ blog of Heavy Tweed Jacket today features a post of special quality. A complete scan of the 1977 Fall & Winter J Press mailer. It’s 1977 and the world has the death of fat Elvis, Evel Knieval, Six Million Dollar Man, The Sex Pistols but J Press are wonderfully stuck in 1947 with their copy and layout. Truly Trad.

For me, this page has three items I’d go for in a shot. Shetland Shaggy Dog Hopsack, the Camel Hair in Deep Navy and the Cord suit in Antelope. You’d be set up for years with that combo.

Image from Heavy Tweed Jacket : Read the full post here (whilst the blog is still live!)


    1. I can imagine it being layered with a Shaggy Dog sweater and one of those Kangol angora ‘helmets’ beloved of 80s Hip hop.

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