Weejun Wearer of the Week – Teenager 1943

‘Teenager Dressing in Her Brother’s Pants’ – 1943

Teenage Girl Wearing Weejuns and Her Borthers Trousers
Teenage Girl Wearing Weejuns and Her Brother's Trousers

You couldn’t make up a caption like that…. I wonder what’s in the shoe organiser on the back of the door?

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  1. what a great photo- source? I remember photo of my dad’s older sister wearing weejuns -and trousers also of wartime vintage.-
    makes one wonder what wartime availability/marketing was at GH Bass….
    for swing affecionados there is a photo of Benny Goodman w/penny loafers – probably weejuns –
    circa 1945(but also a shirt w/french cuffs &links-seems like a disconnect today but more logical then…wish I remembered source of photo

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