Bedford Incident Grenfell Jacket

The other day I was re watching the Bedford Incident with Richard Widmark and Sidney Poitier. It’s a fine movie in its own right but always fun to watch movies with some clothes spotting potential. Poitier plays a photo journalist in the Life Magazine mould who’s airlifted onto Widmark’s warship. He’s wearing a great Grenfell… Continue reading Bedford Incident Grenfell Jacket

Gant Yale Eats Itself.

Every season for the past few years the Gant Yale brand has produced the odd nice shirt in a good fabric and with the lamentable logo on the locker loop at least self coloured or obscure. Today I popped into the Regent St store to see in person what some of the fabrics are like… Continue reading Gant Yale Eats Itself.

The Catalina Varsity Jacket

The ‘Catalina La Paz Derby San Francisco Oi Polloi No Name Brand Rain Cape Shouldered Windcheater’. A timeless classic is what it is.

I Spy The Ivy Years

I Spy 1965 – 1968     Among the raft of classic US TV series to feature the kind of clothes that we all love, I Spy is up there with the best. In the first series Kelly Robinson and Alexander Scott are wearing some staple boom years ivy with the usual Hollywood modifications. A… Continue reading I Spy The Ivy Years

Here We Go Again,Weejun…

As anyone who’s ever attempted to maintain a blog will testify, it’s tough. Time is the biggest enemy. Next comes ease of use – from the almost book length posts of traditional blogs many of us moved to the easy sound[word]bites of Tumblr an Facebook. Whilst they both have their virtues, it’s hard to maintain… Continue reading Here We Go Again,Weejun…